Klopotec is a Slovenian model and invention. Its history is more than 300 years old. It is used in vineyards to protect the fruits from the birds. We can find it in vineyards from 25th July to 11th November. Klopotec is made of six different types of wood. This is also one of the specialties of this wonderful device. With different types of wood we guaranty different types of sounds. It is very nice to hear their sound at night, because it comes from different directions.

There are two types of klopotec:

36 - SG/6 - Prleški

»Slovenjegoriški« from Slovenske gorice

43 - H

»Haloški« from Haloze

Between these two types we can find some differences: the »slovenjegoriški« has 4 hatches on the windmill, the »haloški« type has 6 hatches.

Each »klopotec« consists of 40 parts of wood; each part has its own function and therefore it has to be produced from different types of wood. This is best seen in construction of bats. Eight bats are made of four types of wood, which have different consistence and hardness. They hit at sound board and produce various sounds. Nonetheless, this is also one of the wonderful features of »klopotec«.




I make both types of »klopotec« (haloški and slovenjegoriški). I make them in the same way our forefathers did.

You can order them in different measures: length of the chair: from 120mm to 1000mm.
I mark them with Roman numerals from I to VI.

My products are made:
- Originally
- High quality
- Esthetic
- From five types of wood - Parts are glued and spanned
- Painted with varnish highly resistant to outside influence

All above listed characteristics provide long lifetime to all my products.


Slovenian KLOPOTEC in Montana, USA

25 - H

Slovenian klopotec placed in Wills rench - Montana USA


Kathleen WillsHer work and desire to explore brought her to Slovenia. She is a very intelligent, active and versed art teacher. Interaction with Slovenia was like love at first sight. I always enjoy her company; talking to her is always very interesting and pleasant

She loves our cultural heritage and our food. As soon as she has a little time, she travels across Slovenia and looks for her attractions. She loves our landscape. Furthermore, she finds it interesting that in one day she can travel to Ljubljana, to the mountains and to the seaside, because of short distances in our country.

Kathleen WillsIn literature about Slovenia she found “klopotec”. As art teacher and fan of traditional crafts, she sees in it a local attraction. She carried this local »specialty« in other part of our small world. She gives “Klopotec” as a gift to her family and friends in America. I want that these gifts are authentic and original, therefore I make small copies of originals. Copies are made with creativity and in high quality.

I am very pleased that Mrs. Kathleen chose me to produce gifts for her nearest family and friends. With my product, a part of me also travels to other part of the world, and with Kathleen's help I can promote myself in America. Kathleen, thank you once again.




As far back as I can remember I enjoyed producing different products from wood.
Old masters use different types of wood depending on their ability, but mostly they use six different types of wood.

Types of woods and their characteristics used in different parts of “klopotec”:

- Chair: oak, acacia or beech - strength
- Axis: oak, beech or ash-tree - toughness
- Forks: ash-tree - toughness
- Plunger: oak, walnut tree, beech, pear tree - strength and different sounds
- Cross: oak, beech or ash-tree
- Flap: spruce or linden - lightweight
- Sound board: cherry tree, maple or plum tree - good sound
- Carrier of the broom: oak or acacia - strength

Wood is a living thing. Each type has its own characteristics – each type has its own color, weight, density, structure, smell, voice etc. All this characteristics are important in construction of »klopotec«. In construction of one »klopotec« I use five types of wood: oak, spruce, maple, acacia and ash-tree.
I have been producing  »klopotec« for almost 35 years. Nobody taught me how to make it, I learnt it by myself with my own intuition. I draw all the sketches on my own.

All my products are original and have high quality.

Contact: For more information please contact me on my email:  miran.jelen@gmail.com